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Six Sigma Projects:

Six Sigma is a management philosophy developed by Motorola that emphasizes setting extremely high objectives, collecting data, and analyzing results to a fine degree as a way to reduce defects in products and services. The Greek letter sigma is sometimes used to denote variation from a standard. The philosophy behind Six Sigma is that if you measure how many defects are in a process, you can figure out how to systematically eliminate them and get as close to perfection as possible. In order for a company to achieve Six Sigma, it cannot produce more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities, where an opportunity is defined as a chance for nonconformance.
Six Sigma is a commitment that may take some time and results may sometimes be realized a year or two after a project is completed.  


Business Expense Reduction Services:

When businesses need to cut costs, Mass Financial can help. Our consultants show companies of all types and sizes how to lower overhead expenses ranging from office supplies and insurance, to uniforms and freight services. Mass Financial assesses clients' expenditures, makes recommendations, and negotiates with suppliers and vendors on the client's behalf. Clients don't pay unless our consultants can reduce your costs.

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