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Mass Financial consists of a team of consultants that specialize in business
restructuring, mediation, capital acquisition and alternative lending. Mass
Financial provides educated and experienced consultants to assist your
business in order to reach the best possible results for your fiscal

Located in South Florida, we are currently helping our struggling business
owners in our community and across the country. We are trying to provide the
assistance our local businesses need in order to keep their doors open and
generate new revenue. Mass Financial can provide analysis and consulting to
provide a road map which will guide businesses back to a viable position and
make them stronger for the future. Our Goal is to save businesses because
that translates to saving jobs in our community and across our great

The economy will improve and as a country, we will get there. Mass Financial
is here to help you along the way so your business is there to experience
that growth


Call Mass Financial Today, We Are Here To Help!


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